Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Muvver's Day

Mom and me at the beach in happier days, 1948

Today is Mother's Day. We visited my mom, Wanda, in the nursing home, where she is living because of her Alzheimer's Disease. She's been there two years so far and appears to be thriving, and that's all anyone can ask at this time.

The nursing home had a party for the moms and set out a dessert spread that was bulging with calories, fat and sugar. I guess anyone in the situation these moms are in, at this stage of their lives, no one worries about getting fat.

I'm the last in the family who still has a mom. My wife has lost a mom and stepmom. We've both lost both sets of grandparents. So Wanda is the last survivor of not only her five siblings, but also of our parents and grandparents.

Mom nowadays, at age 85:

I'd like to dedicate this blog to the mothers in my life right now:

My wife, Sally, with our granddaughter, Bella:

My son's wife, Bella's mom, Loan, due again in late June or early July with our second granddaughter:

...and your mom, of course! I hope she's healthy, happy and had a great Mother's Day!

Ciao for now, Postino

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