Sunday, July 23, 2006

Baptism Day For Baby Gabby

Today, on a hot day in July, our granddaughter was baptized as Gabriela Uyen Nhu* Holman. We call her Gabby.

Father Thuy and Daddy David are partially hidden by the plant, but the rest of the family is eager to witness the baptism.

My wife and I aren't religious and not much for churchgoing, but our son became a Catholic, with our blessings, when he and his wife married in 2003. He has been very happy in the Vietnamese Catholic community. I usually just show up at his church for this type of special occasion, or for Easter or Christmas services. Having known Father Dominic Thuy now for about three years I can say he is one of the most dedicated clergymen I have met. Not only is he dedicated to his religion, but is a community and spiritual leader for his immigrant people, far from their home country. Waiting for the big moment are the godmother, the mom and baby, and the dad.

As our family grows, so does our love for each of them. We are most happy that Gabby, born just three weeks ago, is healthy, thriving, and now baptized. It was a really good day for us.

Ciao for now, El Postino

Grandma Sally and Gabby's mom, Loan, in the lobby after the service. Gabby never woke up at any time. I guess she missed the significance of the occasion!

*Near as I can tell from my son's explanation, her middle name is, by custom, her first name in Vietnamese, so in American she's Gabriella, to the Vietnamese she's Uyen Nhu, which is pronounced U-Win Nyoo. I hope that's close to the pronunciation, anyway.

Be good in church! Someone is watching.

Grandma Sally and Gabby's sister Bella wait for the ceremony to start.

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