Monday, April 09, 2007

The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, Tra-la

It was Easter yesterday and a quiet day for my family and me.

I hardly think of Easter as a holiday, but understand how important it is to others. What's more important to me is that it means spring is finally here after a long, cold winter.

My friend gave me these pictures of some daffodils and poppies to prove to me that it is indeed spring. The young redheaded girl amongst the flowers is not from my friend, but a picture I found on the Internet. Girls that young make me think of flowers coming into bloom. It's an appropriate setting for her.And of course there are the other signs of spring; ants marching into the house, dandelions in the lawn, the smell of Pax fertilizer, the sound of my cursing as I try to get just one more season out of my old Craftsman lawn mower. Yep, when I've thrown my back out and given myself tendinitis from trying to get the old beast roaring full-throat I know it's definitely spring.

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