Monday, May 07, 2007

Cheap: One Jack the Dripper Original!

I watched 60 Minutes last night, with the story of the 74-year-old truck driving lady who claims to have a Jackson Pollock painting. She found it in a thrift store a few years ago, and bought it for $5.00. She's a non-art person, and the art establishment is denying that it's a genuine Pollock. She's gone around and around with them for a few years making her claim.

The kicker was when she said she'd been offered $2,000,000 for the painting but she doesn't want someone "stealing" it from her. Jeez, two mil doesn't sound like much compared to 50 million, which is what she thinks it's worth, but it's about $1,999,995 more than what she paid for it. That's a good rate of return, I'd say.

Tell you what, Art Establishment…I found the above pictured painting in a trash can at a Salt Lake City high school. It's on foam board, and I'm not claiming it's Pollock, but on the chance it is, and because I got it for nothing, I won't be greedy. One million dollars--or even the best offer--takes this fine foam board Pollock away!

Ciao for now, art lovers.

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