Friday, April 17, 2009

Take a chill pill, Dr. Phil!

Dr. Phil was going on yesterday on his TV show with some parents about their children and the "sexting" phenom. That's the one where kids take pictures with their camera phones of themselves nude, or of their genitals and then send them on. The problem is that the person for whom it is intended may send it on, causing a ripple effect. One young girl who had done this was interviewed and told by Dr. Phil she had done a "dumb thing" but it did not make her a "bad person."

Wow, Dr. Phil, do you live in a bubble? These sorts of self-pics are all over the Internet and I strongly suspect, based on what I found just this morning on a site devoted to exhibitionists, that these girls don't have any problems at all showing themselves, and would like the rest of us to see, also! Of course they're not bad people, they're good people! It's just that I may have a slightly different idea of "good."

I'm all for people being over 18 in order to post these things online, and the site I accessed claims that everyone in these pics is over 18, so I'm not sending out anything illegal. With a couple of exceptions I stayed away from total nudity or pictures of girls "pleasuring themselves" (a term I heard on Oprah a couple of days ago). But I think you get a strong message from what these girls are showing us: they like their bodies, they are happy with themselves, and by golly, they'd like us to know it! Who am I to pretend I know best for these fine young women? I would like to publicly thank them--and the makers of digital cameras and for the Internet and entrepreneurs who know for everyone who likes to show off their body, there are 10 people who like to look at it--for making these pictures of themselves available.

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I think I would have named your post, "Get a Grip On It, Dr. Phil!"