Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sox appeal

My wife, Sally, fashion plate that she is, showed me what she was wearing to work.

"This is what Stacy and Clinton say is smart. I have on a pencil skirt, my jacket is drawn in at the waist, I have on heels and no stockings."

Stacy London and and Clinton Kelly are the male/female hosts of the cable-TV program, What Not To Wear, which is Sally's favorite show of all time.

"Why no stockings?" I asked, the legman in me coming out.

"Well, tights would be OK, but not pantyhose. They're out."

"Oh, well," I said. "If they're out," mocking her a bit.

Sally left, having made her point, but leaving me to ponder. Why would a fashion accoutrement, i.e., nylon pantyhose, suddenly go out? Sally's glad. For her, it's because she hates pantyhose. Personally, I hate them too, because they eliminated the old stocking tops and garters (suspenders to you in the civilized British-English speaking world) of my youth.

I guess the word that nylons are out didn't get to Calvin Klein's lingerie division. This is from an ad in a recent Vanity Fair magazine.

Looking at some of these pictures, legs look just the same then as now. The technology of stocking manufacturing has changed, but legs still look good when they're adorned.

When I was a horny teenager in the early 1960s I thought it was a lucky day when I got to see stocking tops. There is a hint of the forbidden there. That's why they've been so prominent as a sex symbol since women started wearing them.

I told the story once of my friend Paul and I circling a street on our bicycles, waiting to see our neighbor lady get out of her car. She wore tight skirts and one day she got out, her skirt rode up and showed her stockings and garters. Paul let out a loud wolf whistle. "Well, I guess," she said laughing, tugging her skirt back down to her knees.

At that moment I knew there was a god in his heaven, smiling down on me.

Don't get me wrong. I've got nothing against bare legs. If you've got the legs to show then baby, flaunt 'em!

There are some legs better not left bare, but that even stockings don't help.

Note: I took these pictures off various websites, but neglected to write down which ones. If you see a picture from your website here, thank you very much and leave a comment telling us where it came from.

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