Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy birthday, Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend is 65-years-old today.

Pete, as a founding member and one of two living members of the original British invasion group, The Who, was in my home town in 2007 for a concert. He had been here before, with The Who, in 1967. He was asked if he remembered anything about Salt Lake City, and he did. He said as he left the hotel he was approached by a beautiful woman, about 40, who called him, "another long-haired queer."

Wow, Pete...that's a long time to think about that. Anyone crass enough to say something like that to a stranger isn't worth thinking about for 40 seconds, let alone 40 years.

Anyway, Pete, "Let My Love Open Your Door" is one of the songs of yours I really like, and here is a video of you doing it on the Jools Holland Show.

Then here you are rocking it out on "Face the Face" from '85.

Forget about those who have said negative things to you and remember those of us who think you're great. Happy birthday, Pete!


Kirk Jusko said...

I thought he was fine at the most recent Super Bowl. My only complaint is he didn't bash his guitar (he shouldn't let a little thing like age stop him)

El Postino said...

Pete's guitar-bashing days are probably over. And I'm glad!

"It breaks my heart, to see those stars, smash a perfectly good guitar..." --John Hiatt