Saturday, June 26, 2010


Armed with their cameras, Sally and her friend, Kris, headed east of Salt Lake City for a daytrip to the towns of Heber City, Park City and Oakley, Utah.

These pictures of Park City are of a summer town, not the winter ski resort of the annual Sundance Film Festival.

I assume that's Mr. Martinez on the ladder, working on his lavender Park City home. If he's got any paint left, maybe he could slap it on the shack Sally got a picture of.

I don't know why there's caution tape. Looks official, though.

The Road Island Diner came from New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to the mountain town of Oakley, Utah. The women must've caught it at a slow time, because I understand it's usually crowded and a rockin' joint, as you can see by the jukebox. That's Kris smiling in the reflection.

Sally got pictures of two of her favorite things: clouds and flowers at The Homestead, a resort near Heber City. She got a nice shot of a lenticular cloud, which only form over mountains.

When Sally and Kris go on one of these excursions they come back with pictures of critters. They were taking a break in Heber City when they heard some yipping sounds coming from a car. Inside the car, being cooked by the heat, were some pit bull puppies. They took the dogs out of the car, gave them water. A little boy came over to claim the dogs and was soon joined by his mom. While I wonder about the wisdom of getting into someone else's car--they might have gotten in some serious trouble--in this case the people were grateful their dogs were taken care of.

Sally and Kris stopped at a ranch, and were taking pictures of cows in the fields. An older man and his wife were herding the cows into a barn, when the cows suddenly changed their minds and went back to the fields. Kris said, "I hope that wasn't my fault," and the man said, "These girls sometimes just go where they want." He later came over and had a nice conversation with the shutterbugs.

The bird is a snipe. Kris is a birder, but I know very little about birds. I now know that a snipe is a bird, and not just someone who goes in and steals your eBay bid at the last second.

There are more pictures, and someday I'll show some of them.

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DEMiller said...

These are very nice photos. Sally has a great eye for composition. I would like to see more sometime.