Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy birthday, Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson is 56 today. Happy birthday, Joe.

When I listen to Joe Jackson's music I believe I'm listening to something apart from the normal run of popular music. Back in the '80s I don't know if anyone truly knew how to categorize him, and it's probably because there is no category.

I've always thought "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" shows the difference between men and women. A guy is puzzled because pretty girls are "walking with gorillas down my street." Guys often don't understand the appeal some men have for some women. They don't know that women can see beyond mere looks, unlike men, for whom looks are paramount. Sorry guys, you know it's true. Women are looking for something different in men than men are looking for in women. And thank goodness for that. Otherwise us homely guys wouldn't have ever gotten the girl!

The bass line on this song drives it. It's a great song for listening to in the car. Get on the freeway, turn up the volume and the bass will take you away.

A song about heartbreak. **Sniff** **Sniff** Sorry, I'm too broken in two to comment...

I hadn't heard this song before this morning when I was searching YouTube. It's from the Craig Kilborn show, Joe solo on his piano.

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