Friday, November 26, 2010

Best and baddest blogs

Occasionally I go on a surfin' safari of the Web to find entertaining blogs. As if I didn't have enough to do! Arrrgh. The Internet is almost as bad as television for killing time, but on television you don't get the individuality, the quirkiness and personality you find in blogs. These are some blogs I recommend, and will also put them with my links so you can easily access them (after you read my blog, of cuss).

First up is Christian Nymphos, which sounds like a porn site, but is actually a site for Christian wives with a strong sex drive, discussing sex, and also whether certain acts, i.e., anal sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, etc., are immoral within marriage.

Click on the links and not on the illustrations to go to the blogs.

Christian Nymphos is an entertaining and reader-driven blog, and I have read some good advice from women to other women. Whatever gets you off, Christian gals!

Christian Nymphos

I'm a lifelong fan of the late bizarre cartoonist, Basil Wolverton. His son, Monte, carries on the tradition, working in a modified form of his dad's distinctive style. Monte does, among his other artistic endeavors, editorial cartoons for When you go to his site you see examples of his work, plus examples of his father's. I'm sure Basil would approve heartily of Monte's career choice.

We've got two sites with "bad" in their titles. First is Bad Mags, from the books of the same name by Tom Brinkmann.

Tom has collected some of the sleaziest exploitation, porn, and utter weirdness put onto magazine racks in the United States over the past 60 years or so. Remember, trees died so these magazines could live, and yet most of them would be forgotten, moldering in landfills if not for Tom's efforts to keep their memories alive.

Our second "bad" blog is Bad Bad Teacher, which has news stories about teachers accused of having sex with underage students. Even though I've featured several stories of teacher-student sexual encounters ending up in court, even I'm shocked by how much of this is going on. And you can probably figure for every one that gets caught, there are more that don't.

Here's one, Jennifer Gardel, who a jury just found guilty as charged:

Bad Bad

Finally for this posting is LP Cover Lover, which shows some of the stranger and more bizarre record album covers from around the world, submitted by readers. Some of these covers have to be seen to be believed. Here's one that I think would fit in the above Christian Nymphos blog. If ever I've seen a gaggle of girls repressing their sexuality it's this big hair bunch.

LP Cover Lover

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Kirk Jusko said...

Will have to check out the Wolverton blog. Am also a fan of his father's work.