Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pucker-up for pin-ups

After showing the Russian pin-ups the other day (look just beneath this post), I got it in mind to check out the local American talent. There's just no end to the beautiful girls. Well, there's an end, heh-heh, many shapely rear ends, as a matter of fact! But I digress. Here are some celebrity pin-ups, old and new. Some of these celebrities I couldn't name, but they're all stars to me.

One way to heat up a cold platter is with hot Chili Williams!

The eyes have it...Amanda Seyfried is starring in Red Riding Hood, starting tomorrow. She's probably met a few wolves in her time.

Yes, lovely Lauren, I do know how to whistle. I'm whistling right now, looking at your pulchritudinous picture.

I wonder if Christina Aguilera blows the horn as good as she blew the national anthem at the Super Bowl?

All the guys want to be Lost and never found with Evangeline Lilly.

I'm fonda Jane in this sexy '60s pic!

K-K-Katy, I'll be waiting at the k-k-kitchen door.

Toreador-able Marilyn, with her cape and peek-a-boob, takes no bull from anyone!

and finally, vivacious Veronica Lake.

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