Thursday, May 12, 2011

World's biggest boobs!

Life magazine's editors could be playful, as witness this photo from its June 14, 1948 issue. If they wanted to show bare boobs in 1948 they couldn't just hire a model to bare it all, but they could show nude statues, or paintings by old masters, and call it art. So I'm saying that whoever sculpted this one-ton statue of a torso, for an advertising display in New York City 63 years ago, was an artist.

OK, my headline is a tease, so I'll show you what you came to this site for when it showed up on Google.

Speaking of world's biggest boobs...

When I first wrote about Sheyla Hershey (above) her chest was 38KKK. She was looking for bigger implants, but ethical physicians had a problem with giving her more surgery. Sheyla vowed to go to Brazil, where there are no limits on how much silicone can be implanted into a woman's breasts. Sheyla's breasts caused her health problems; she had to have the implants removed, and became so depressed she tried to kill herself. But now the implants are back and Sheyla is herself again...whatever that is. Last I heard she was a 38MMM. (Note to Sheyla: you are halfway through the alphabet. After ZZZ there are no more sizes.)

I thought Sheyla was big busted until I saw a video of Jamie (from which I made this screen capture), whose boobs are so big they go through the door a couple of minutes before the rest of her. I have the same question for Jamie and Sheyla: how do you find a comfortable position in which to sleep, and how long as it been since you saw your feet?

In the era of Photoshop it's hard to tell what boobs are real, real-fake (implants), or just fake-fake (Photoshop fake). I tried to find pictures where I believe the woman behind the bosom is real, where the boobs are not computer generated. At Insomnia Notebook we (my staff of boobmen and I) strive for accuracy, so you can believe we are scanning the Internet constantly looking for and scrutinizing boobs, and will be glad to report on them for you.

You can tell this gal is legit! She's certified by the Guinness Book of World Records!

I have shown this picture before; it's from an ad in a fashion magazine. The caption is "People will talk." Yes they will. They will ask, "What is more enhanced, her boobs or her lips?"

I believe this young boobette is balancing against the tree to avoid pitching forward!

Stripper Chesty Morgan is famous for her 73FF boobs, unenhanced by silicone. The only thing fake about her is her wig. Here she is demonstrating how those famous cha-chas may be used as flotation devices in case her plane goes down in the water.



Anonymous said...

Those bowling balls on the Guinness record holder look horribly painful

angel123 said...

I don't know why anyone would want to do such a thing to there bodies,it isn't a nice sight and it will cause you medical problems in later life.

Anonymous said...

I like boobs, ya'll just crazy.

Diary of an Ugly Girl said...

The people will talk ad is Amanda Lepore who is actually a man and not a woman. She has had basically every surgery imaginable. The Guinness record holder has implants and the lady in the purple dress has photoshopped boobs