Saturday, September 24, 2011

Leiber & Stoller

Jerry Leiber, with his songwriting partner, Mike Stoller, helped create rock 'n' roll music in America. It soon spread to the rest of the world. When the duo teamed up in 1950 it was with the idea to write for black rhythm and blues artists.

Since then their hit songs have been everywhere. I think of three great songwriting teams of the Twentieth Century: George and Ira Gershwin, Lennon and McCartney, and Leiber and Stoller. There were more, but I believe those three had the greatest influence on popular music.

Jerry Leiber died August 20, 2011.

It wouldn't be possible for me to show a YouTube video of every Leiber and Stoller hit song that I like. I found some versions of the songs that I think are interesting, to demonstrate how talented and versatile they were.

My standard disclaimer: sometimes YouTube breaks the links on a video because of copyright issues. If you're looking at this blog and one or more links are black that's the reason.

Jerry Leiber wrote “Spanish Harlem” with Phil Spector.


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