Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy birthday, Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is 70 today. I've collected a few of his songs by other artists, the Beach Boys, and the man himself. Happy birthday, Brian.

(The way YouTube works, if you've accessed this and some of the videos don't link up it's because they've been pulled for whatever reasons YouTube has. It isn't my fault!)

Vince Gill "Warmth of the Sun"

Billy Joel "Don't Worry Baby"

BBS "Surfer Girl"

Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"

Brian Wilson and the Corrs "God Only Knows"

Brian Wilson "Lay Down Burden"


Kirk said...

Interesting article about the Beach Boys tour in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. I don't know why I find it so interesting as its main point is really no surprise. Brian Wilson in the Beach Boy out to make art (thus he want's to concentrate on new material), whearas Mike Love is out to make money (thus he wants to concentrate on the hits.) Oh, I know, Bruce Johnston considers Brian his hero and likes to remind everybody he wrote "I Write The Songs" Odd form of hero worship, I'd say.

Happy Birthday, Brian. You're fantastic.

Postino said...

Kirk, considering the amount of lawsuits Love has filed against Brian Wilson I'm surprised the old group is back together.