Monday, September 10, 2012

Satan's plan is to force us to be good!

One of the fascinating things about living in Utah is dealing with some strange Mormon beliefs which surface occasionally, and give us pause. Devout LDS members have some very interesting things to say about doctrinal matters mostly unknown to the world at large. Mr. James C. Green of Heber City, Utah, had a real delight for us today in the local newspaper letter column.

Mormon beliefs regarding the devil differ from mainstream Christianity. According to James, it's Satan's plan to force us to be good! Therefore, the plans the Democrats put forth, public welfare programs and other security nets for the poor and aged, among others, are “evil through and through.”

Salt Lake Tribune “Public Forum,” September 10, 2012

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LDS liberals

I find it curious that Latter-day Saints who are Democrats sincerely feel they are taking the high road on social issues, when actually the opposite is true.
What these misinformed Mormon Democrats fail to realize is that we are obligated as individuals to help the needy through voluntary donation of our time and resources, but it should never be done through the forced process of involuntary, confiscatory taxation!

There is a huge difference between these two philosophies. One way is very good; the other way is evil through and through.

This is apparently not understood by these well-meaning members. If they stopped to think about it, they would realize that it was Satan’s plan to force us all to be good (Democratic strategy), but Christ taught us to do good of our own free choice (Republican plan). If everyone understood this simple correct principle, there would be no more liberals.

James C. Green

Heber City
My response in the online comments section (one of over 100 when I responded, all of them negative toward Mr. Green):
Romney should look to Mr. Green for a campaign slogan, "Satan's plan is to force all of us to be good Democrats."  Since the world at large looks at this kind of arcane LDS doctrine like they look at something on the bottom of their shoe I'm sure it would go over bigtime. Thanks, Mr. your own way you could assure the president of his re-election!
James made my day today. His letter gave me a good laugh, besides reminding me of why I'm no longer a Mormon and why I am a Democrat — it's the devil who made me do it.

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