Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man has sex with unconscious woman to “save her life”

I’ve been looking at a newspaper article, “Cops: Man said he had sex with unconscious woman to ‘save her life,’” trying to think of something to say about it. The least is to give the guy credit for being original with his excuse.

The copyrighted article, by Janelle Stecklein for the June 11, 2013 Salt Lake Tribune, says Rodger William Kelly, 50, of St. George, Utah, was arrested for raping an unconscious 29-year-old woman he found on her apartment doorstep. He brought her into his apartment. He placed her on the bed, laid down next to her to warm her up, and inserted his penis to bring up her body temperature.

When police arrived on a report of an unconscious person, they found Kelly giving her CPR. It was only later when the woman saw bruising that she came to believe Kelly had penetrated her. The article ends by saying that the woman and Kelly had been intimate at some point in their relationship, but Kelly admitted she had told him she didn’t want to have sex with him again.

I guess when he found her passed out he saw his opportunity to give it one last go.

Having sex with an unconscious person would be like masturbating with a doll. But Kelly’s “doll” is a human being. The unfortunate victim, in need of medical attention, had no control over the situation. By not calling 911, yet committing a sex act, he multiplied his offenses against decency.

People try to mitigate their guilt even while admitting to a crime. A guy who puts another guy in the hospital by hitting him with a baseball bat might say,“Sure I was mad, sure I swung the bat at him, but if he hadn’t been standing close by he wouldn’t have got whacked upside the head.” Ariel Castro in Cleveland blamed the three girls he kidnapped and held as sex slaves in a house for ten years. If they hadn’t gotten in his car, he claimed, they’d have been okay. It's human nature to try to put the blame elsewhere rather than where it really belongs, especially when it belongs to us.

But how would the guilty party go about mitigating his actions in inserting his penis into the vagina of a woman who is clearly out? “I thought I could bring up her temperature.”

Wow. That might be original, but it’s also the worst excuse I’ve ever heard.

He left out the part about being aroused at the sight of her unconscious body, and his decision to take advantage of the situation. It clearly turned him on.

Some people are twisted like that. In my own case I would need my partner awake, in the moment, and above all, willing.


Kirk said...

It's why they say trial lawyers should never ask a question beginning with "why" when cross-examining someone. People will always come up with something.

Postino said...

Yes they will. And I'm one of them.