Sunday, October 06, 2013

Tea party: traitors and treason

Tea party: more Benedict Arnold than Paul Revere.

It’s hard not to look upon the dysfunctional mess that is Congress in 2013 as being anything more than a body filled with traitors fomenting treason. What else would you call individuals within a group who try to derail a whole government and its functions for the goal of killing a law they don’t like?

Many people are blaming both Democrats and Republicans for being obstinate, not moving to compromise. But if I were President of the United States what would I do? I’d know that what the Republicans are trying to kill is a law that has already gone into effect, has already passed Constitutional muster by the United States Supreme Court, and is wanted by a great many citizens. So I’d stand my ground and force the traitors to cave to the will of the people.

Forget what you learned about in your high school civics classes about the three branches of government. The United States government has more than three branches. With the Citizens United ruling, ironically by the very Supreme Court that declared Obamacare constitutional, (so one good, one bad decision), we have added an unconstitutional “special interest” fourth branch of government, which covers multi-billionaires and corporations and lobbying groups, including the National Rifle Association. They have added a whole other level of sinister intentions with their own purposes in mind, rather than the common purposes of the populace.

And why? Well, fear for one thing. Fear of losing power, especially.

Add into this paranoid fear a president of color, and whooboy, the racist nuts are out in force. Tea party lawmakers may have left their burning crosses and white hoods at home, but I see those symbols of racial hatred superimposed on them. Electing a man of color not once, but twice, has fanned those flames of race hatred from the embers of the past to the firestorms of the present.

At the tea party center I see a racist organization, just a more sophisticated hate group than the Ku Klux Klan or American Nazis. And they will always find spokespeople, provided with money funneled in from those aforementioned special interest groups. That idiots like the tea party members can be elected says a lot about certain segments of the American electorate, but can such an organization continue to exist? As long as they are willing to sabotage everyone else’s rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for their own treasonous purposes they can fool enough fools to go on for a time. Our country has weathered such groups before, and this is just one more group of disaffected radicals to deal with.

People who identify with the tea party may picture themselves as Paul Revere, but they are more like Benedict Arnold.

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