Sunday, March 02, 2014

Fish stories in heaven

There were a couple of obituaries on the same page of the Salt Lake Tribune this morning. The obit pictures show each as fishermen holding catches they are proud of.

I’m no connoisseur of fish, but both look pretty good-sized to me, which is why these men are holding their trophies up for a photo. After all, when fishermen swap stories, the legend is they always exaggerate the “one that got away,” so Sam and Jackie are making sure their fish are documented.

Big fish.

Really big fish.

If there is a heaven and Jackie and Sam are there now, maybe they are swapping fish stories. Heaven to them would be a boat on a placid lake, and no limit to how many they can catch.

If the families of either of these gentlemen happen across this blog, I want them to know I sympathize with what they are going through. My best friend’s father died this week, and my mind is on those who are grieving.


DEMiller said...

It's kinda sad that the moment in their life that people want to remember them by is them holding a fish.

Postino said...

Well, Dave...some people just don't have any good pictures of them and are even grumpy about getting their photos taken. But when it comes to showing off a big fish, get out the camera!