Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cartoons from Look magazine...1965 and 1968

I found some 1960’s issues of Look, and just like I did as a kid when my parents’ subscription copies arrived in the mail, I turned first to the cartoons.

I recognized the familiar styles of the cartoonists. Look’s cartoon and humor editor was Gurney Williams. Williams, who had formerly been the cartoon editor for Collier’s, showed the same sharp eye for cartoons which were topical yet timeless, with an edge but without any meanness. If you are a cartoonist you can study the styles of these artists to see how a successful gag cartoon was done.

Larry Reynolds’ “Butch” panels are favorites of mine. You can find more “Butch” by going to this Hairy Green Eyeball post from 2008, with examples from Colliers in the forties.

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