Tuesday, November 04, 2014

In the Internet Age, revenge goes viral

This tale of an employee resignation came to me via e-mail. I have no way of knowing whether it is true or not, but it is funny. If true, the unnamed young woman has been wronged by a boss and airs her grievances using a public forum. She uses today’s technology to spread her story.

I wonder if it was a YouTube video and someone made screen grabs to create this funnies-like sequence.

I almost feel sorry for Spencer, the former boss. In the not-so-distant past this would have been a private conversation within the company about sexual harassment and a hostile workplace environment. It has become a public scolding. I also wonder about the potential future employers of the young woman. Will they think they should pass her over because what she has done here could also happen to them?

She might have thought it out a bit more; she cannot call it back at this point. But had she squelched it after second thoughts we would not have had the pleasure of seeing this:

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