Friday, April 01, 2016

Donald Trump, a gift to cartoonists and satirists

I haven’t been doing posts about Donald Trump. By the time I can get around to writing about something outrageous he said, he has said something else.

The Republican Party has tied itself into knots worrying Trump will actually get the nomination and be their candidate for President. Yep, they’re scared! Many citizens are speaking out against the candidate, calling him boorish and uninformed, rude and insulting. Yep, he’s all those! Obviously it is what his rabid supporters like. He is one of them.

One group who must be shouting hosannas and hallelujahs for Trump are cartoonists and satirists, who have been having a wonderful time with caricatures of Trump. Who could ask for anything more, when for an editorial cartoonist the subject is a caricature of himself. Trump has a startling appearance: a cloud of sprayed, gelled and colored hair, prissy lips, orange spray tan, and of course, the notorious short fingers. Cartoonists must wake up each morning to Christmas. Trump is indeed a gift for them.

I have collected some cartoons just from the past couple of weeks. The news cycles being what they are these cartoons are probably outdated, and in a couple of years may seem quaint, when either Citizen Trump has returned to his reality TV program, or President Trump is sitting in the White House wondering why it is taking so long to build a fence between the U.S. and Mexico.

Patrick Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune

(There is an inside local joke here.. Just as Jews call non-Jews gentiles, Mormons call non-Mormons gentiles. The joke is that a Mormon is calling Bernie Sanders, who is a Jew, a gentile.)

F. Harper, The Week news magazine:

Signe Wilkinson, The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Glenn McCoy, Belleville News-Democrat:

Ruben Bolling, “Tom the Dancing Bug”:

Jim Siergey, from a Facebook posting:

Mark Fredrickson, Mad Magazine:

Derf Backderf, Facebook posting:

Homage to Spain Rodriguez’ “Trashman” underground comix strip.

Anonymous, Photoshop portrait:


J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Having a clown for premier is not that bad.
We italians went through that and now it's over. Or is it?

Kirk said...

Gray, Rodriguez, and Backderf (who's from my neck of the woods, Cleveland) all in one comic. Just look at what Trump accomplished!

Postino said...

Kirk, I am hoping no one looking at Derf's cartoons would take anything other than satiric intent from them, even if they do not understand the references to Little Orphan Annie and Spain Rodriguez.