Monday, June 05, 2006

Alex Toth and The Beatles, 1964

Alex Toth is dead at 77! Died at his drawing board, which is probably the way he would have picked to go.

Toth was a true pro, who had a lot of credits going back to the 1940s. Toth is probably an artist's artist...someone professionals, his peers, really love, not just a fan favorite.

Toth lived in California and drew a lot for Dell Comics, later Gold Key, and for the black and white hot rod magazines of the 1960s. Here are a couple of pages from Big Daddy Roth Magazine #2, 1964, starring everyone's favorites, The Beatles! It's Toth, at the advanced age of 45, predicting what The Beatles, then aged 23 or 24, would look like in 30 years. All I can say is, The Beatles Toth drew must've been through a lot too look so old in 1994! But, it's a gag strip, so we can just enjoy it for that. From the rushed quality of the art it looks like it was banged out in one session, but it still has Toth's trademarked superb layouts and drawing.

Click here for larger image of page 1.

Click here for a larger image of Page 2.

Goodbye, Alex! We loved your work, and dazzdatt!

Ciao for now, El Postino

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