Monday, June 12, 2006

Pick Up Your Poop, People!

This morning I saw something I hadn't seen before.

I came out of one of the schools on my route and while getting into my truck I saw a woman across the street with her dog. She is an unsighted woman and the dog is a service (seeing-eye) dog. The dog was leading the woman to a grassy area in front of the apartment complex where they live. The dog pooped; the woman, even though she was blind, reached down with a bag and picked up the poop, putting it into a bigger bag.

I thought, "This woman can't even see, but she's more courteous about her dog's shit than most of the sighted people I know."

Years ago I used to have to step over the droppings of a dog walked by an old man, who used to bring his dog to a school on my route. I guess the school yard looked like a big toilet to them. That dog's droppings were everywhere. One day I stepped out of my truck just as the dog was depositing his load. The old man looked at me blankly. I said to him, "How would you like the principal to bring some of the kids over to your house and have them shit in your yard?"


Today I got a notice in the mail from the Veterans' Administration. In all of the years I've been a veteran it's only about the third or fourth piece of mail I've received from them. It reiterates what we've all heard on the news, that an employee of the VA took some important stuff home on his laptop and the computer was stolen. So it warns us all to look out for identity theft or people getting into our bank accounts.

I have heard so many stories about this on the news. First they said it only affected veterans discharged since 1976...then they admitted it affected active duty military personnel, and now apparently it affects me, who was discharged in 1968. Hey, VA! Get your story straight!

Good god, no wonder I'm so paranoid about things when everyone in government appears to be lying all the time. Of if they aren't actively lying, it's because they don't know what the hell is going on.


In line with an April posting of mine about foot fetishes, here's a story I read this past weekend in the book, Mr Hitchcock At Work By Bill Krohn. In the chapter on the movie Rear Window Krohn writes: "…This attention to detail [in the film] has been described as evidence that Hitchcock was obsessed with Grace Kelly. A similar misunderstanding inspired another anecdote: when Herbert Coleman, who was making his first film as an assistant director with Hitchcock, inquired why Hitchcock spent so much time filming a shot of Kelly's feet in high-heeled shoes which wasn't even in the script, the director asked him if he 'had never heard of foot fetishism'." What, you mean like this?


My feral cat, Little Brother, is now running with a cat gang, made up of two Siamese cats, and now Little Bro'. Today when I came home from work I saw on the lawn what was left of one of the adult quail who live with their babies under a pyracantha bush in our yard. Either Little Brother, or his two kitty-gangsta buddies had killed the bird, leaving, on closer inspection, just the bird's two wings and a bunch of feathers.


The new issue of Reminisce came in the mail today. What I wanna know is, where did they get the picture of my room for the cover?

Ciao for now, El Postino

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