Friday, August 25, 2006

Ring, Ring Goes The Bell...

School starts on Monday. Even without a calendar I'd always be able to tell when school is starting because the kids start hanging around the school and playground. They ride their bikes in the parking lots, kind of circling around, like they're reacquainting or re-acclimating themselves. Maybe they're telling themselves what I told myself many, many years ago: this year I'll do better. This year I'll do my assignments the night they're assigned and not the morning they are due. This year I'll be quieter in class, less of a class clown (maybe most kids don't need to remind themselves of that, since there is usually only one class clown per classroom). This year I'll be popular, this year I'll get a girlfriend, this year I'll write a book, this year I'll fly into outer space, this year I'll become a secret agent, a popular cartoonist, a star of my own TV sitcom, a superhero like Batman, or a rich person like Uncle Scrooge with a money bin full of ca$h.

Or not.

I'll be anything this school year but I won't plan for what I'll end up being, a guy who drives a truck for the school district and is reminded constantly that lives often don't go as we wish them to go.


I checked in with another blog I read occasionally, Bored Housewife. Lisa is a young woman with a successful husband and twin boys. She is a vivid writer, but sometimes her blogs can get more stream-of-consciousness than I like. Still, I enjoy most of her jottings and skip past the prattling to get to the sexy parts. Lisa's blog led me to a blog I also enjoy, Rachel Stephens Photography. Rachel takes pictures of women in all of their sumptuous and gorgeous glory. I think women take better pictures of women than men do. Women know the inner woman, the real sensuous being inside a woman better than men do. Men project their fantasies to the outside of a woman, women project from the inside. Something like that, anyway. Check out this blog, because Rachel takes some really nice pictures.


In my secret identity as an eBay seller I occasionally get a nice letter from a satisfied customer. Last week I got a note from a former Playboy Bunny thanking me for selling her a couple of 1979 issues of Playboy, because a friend of hers, now deceased, was in one of the issues. So now I can say, I satisfied a Playboy Bunny!

Ciao for now, El Postino

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