Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Oddball Odds 'n' Ends

More oddball stuff I've collected from the internet over the past few years. Click on pictures for full-size images.

  • Women like to look good for a night out, so these chic Ku Klux Klan gals are all decked out for an evening of cross burning or lynching in their best KKK finery, circa 1922. Didn't we see something like this feminine attire when we invaded Afghanistan in 2001?
  • Lisa Nowak, the astronaut who tried to get rid of her boyfriend's lover, is back in the news this week. The controversy, repeated on CNN by Nastyface Nancy Grace, is that she wasn't charged with attempted murder because she's an astronaut (correction, ex-astronaut, since I doubt she'll be feeling weightless again anytime soon). The folks who put out the magazine True Space Secrets in 1958 prophetically had some of this covered almost 50 years ago when they ran an article called, "What The Medics Say About Sex in Space!"
  • Speaking of sex…gay cowboys? Princesses waiting to be queens? Is this about Brokeback Mountain? No, it's a 1955 book from the famous Landmark Books series for young readers on cattle drives from Texas. I admit when I read that first paragraph my curiosity was piqued. Just another example of how language changes and over time how words take on new meanings.
  • And sex raises its head (heh-heh-heh…I said "head") again with this cover of an old 1950's love comic book. Whew. I'll bet the little girls reading this book got a delicious thrill when they saw this cover. I'll bet the guys who saw it got a vicarious thrill, too!
Ciao for now.

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