Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Man Is Obliged To Look

Last week while grocery shopping with Sally I walked by a chesty young woman showing about 6" of cleavage. As is my wont in these cases, after having perfected over five decades the art of looking at boobs without being seen, I took a mental snapshot. I turned away before she could catch me looking. Not quick enough for an elderly woman standing by the dairy case, who saw me looking and who shot me a dirty look of her own. If her eyes had been tasers I'd have been writhing on the floor.

I thought, who the hell are you, lady? Sure I looked; I'm a man. A man must look. After all, the young woman carefully chose her clothing that morning, going out for maximum effect. She must've wanted someone to look. I don't think Sally even saw her, but I did, as did the prudish old lady who saw me take my mental photo.

I'm not even that surprised by what females find appropriate to wear outside their homes anymore. I've been working in and around high schools now for years. Over time I've seen the clothing drop away from the girls. I read in the newspaper this morning about more and more young women finding amateur pornography and exhibitionism appealing. Who knew? Why wasn't this happening when I was young enough to do something about it?

Some girls of my generation. Click on pictures for full-size images.
Today we were at the same store and while walking through I spotted a young Latina with a very low cut top. Across the tops of her breasts she had a word tattooed in script that I think was Juggaletto. I don't know what a word like that would mean in Spanish, or whether it's a nickname. It seemed appropriate, considering her bodacious baba-looeys.

Some girls of today's generation.
Ciao for now.

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