Wednesday, March 12, 2008

" started long ago, in the Garden of Eden..."

"It's all the fault of these folks!"

The governor of New York was caught paying call girls. He put himself in the situation to get caught. This is the stuff of dreams for tabloids and trashy TV. Am I really surprised? Rich, powerful men have been consorting with prostitutes since year zero.

I guess being an officer of the court and looking like a hypocritical bastard has brought the total weight of the media down on him. I felt sorry for his wife, who in dutiful fashion, stood next to him while he made his version of a mea culpa. You could see what was going through her head: "You cheating asshole. You have just ruined the lives of yourself, me and our three children." Way to go, Guv!

Personally, I've never known what satisfaction people get out of others' sexual peccadilloes, unless it's the lifestyles of the rich and famous syndrome we have. If it's Joe Schmo from down the street who's caught with a hooker it means a few hours in jail and a fine, and then he goes home to explain it to his wife. No one might ever find out. But if it's somebody famous, or especially if it's someone who takes a public stand against sin or lawbreaking, well then, that makes it a whole 'nother thing, doesn't it.

In one way I see why guys go to prostitutes, although I sure never would. It's right in the lyric of the Tom Waits song, "…get your little something that you don't get at home." Maybe wifey won't do that act, but a gal down the street will do it for $20. On the other hand, prostitutes are in a seamy line of work, and who knows what sorts of things they are carrying on their person, like diseases and such, we don't want to be in contact with. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

I always wonder why public officials, religious leaders, even the President of the United States, get themselves in trouble over sex. You'd just think they would be smarter, but when it comes to sex, a lot of guys revert to a very primitive state. The sex comes first, the regrets later.

And Governor Spitzer has plenty of regrets, I'm sure.

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