Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Smashing the Nazi spy ring!

The scare is upon us again: another terrorist on an airplane, another failed bombing. At least we can be grateful he failed, if not angry that he got on the plane in the first place..

After the last big scare, the shoe-bomb attempt by Richard Reid, it became a requirement for us to remove our shoes while going through the security line at airports. Since the latest guy set his bomb off in his underwear my worry is that they'll make us all strip off our knickers to get through the line. Well, maybe it won't be that extreme. Hope not, anyway.

There is always a lot of finger pointing when guys like this get through the so-called safety net. Even President Obama is blaming the government, although I see it as equally a problem with Lagos, Nigeria, and Amsterdam, where he was allowed on the flight to Detroit.

Back in 1937, according to this article from Liberty Magazine, a popular periodical of the day, the G-Men caught some Nazi spies, the terrorists of the era! Ah, for the good old days...

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