Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...the code "crazy" on his tuberculosis.

My son, David, who is married to a Vietnamese woman, sometimes goes to Vietnamese news sources. He had this story translated by Google. You can see that Google is a bit deficient in the translation business, but if you read this story you get the gist of it.

A black Lexus was eluding the police and ran some motorcycles off the road. When stopped three men with three girls were found with alcohol. It's the way it's phrased in translation that makes it interesting. As David put it, some of it sounds like Confucious, as in the sentence ". . . a black car Peeling spleen fame in the car container line, beyond the red light continuously, despite life's road."

My sentiments exactly! The story:
The Lexus car chase choking on the street

Phan Dang Luu (Binh Thanh district, HCM City) and commodity 9/2 noisy disturbances by free ru roar from the fiercely pursued by police cars with 7 seats larger network promoted through 4 km.

About 1 hour this morning, police and traffic police detection of car-brand Lexus LX470 with foreign number plates on soaring labor vun Phan Dang Luu, Binh Thanh District, directions from the Hang Xanh, Phu Nhuan district so that effective stop.

However, drivers do not obey the reporter away. Evasion of the road pursued by the police, a black car Peeling spleen fame in the car container line, beyond the red light continuously, despite life's road. Many motorcyclists roar ru free panic because the engine of the car "crazy" to quickly put on the curb to avoid victims.

In particular, a man going cargo Tet, the code "crazy" on his tuberculosis, was hastily motorcycle crashed straight into a door on the way home.

Forces pursued to use of specialized motorcycle 250 cubic centimeters, but also for the cars seven hundred meters away. Many taxi drivers see the discontent and "execute" to support traffic police. However, all the real, a Lexus is launched to the wind.

Found that the work dangerous, serious threat to the road, traffic police through the assistance of the police criminal task is to patrol duties.

After the journey started nearly 4 km access choking, when to the Phu Nhuan intersection, through the collaboration of many, police cars blocked in by this.

Behind the Lexus 7 seats, three men are still sitting "romantic" with three girls in front of the driver. Police check documentation requirements, step-down group of alcohol vapor concentration anonymously with any necessary attitudes, loudly insults people on duty.

All this group of people with driver (live on Le Quang Dinh Street, Binh Thanh District) are the Vietnamese.

Discontent often see attitude before the law of this group of people, dozens of people road lending to assault them. The scene by police forces promptly resolved, summoned all the car-based Lexus on to work.

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nursemyra said...

I have been to Binh Thanh district in Saigon and can assure you that "many motorcyclists roar ru free panic" even without the presence of peeling spleens