Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy birthday, Emmy Lou!

My son couldn't have been more than three when I pulled out an Emmy Lou Harris vinyl LP to play on my stereo, circa 1980. "Pretty girl, Daddy!" he said when he saw the cover.

Emmy Lou, shown here in a 1977 video when she was 30, and in a 2007 video when she was 60, hasn't changed much over the years. Her hair is silver, but her voice is still gold. She gives me goosebumps no matter what she's singing, whether it's a country classic like "Together Again" or a Paul McCartney song, "For No One."

And so you know how I feel about Emmy Lou at 63, she's still a pretty girl.

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DEMiller said...

My wife and I are big fans of Emmy Lou Harris and have been for many years. Thanks for posting this.