Saturday, April 03, 2010

"I wanna Easta egg!"

My grandkids saw the Easter bunny...or at least a facsimile, a guy in a big bunny suit, at a store last year. They were spooked. To a 2 1/2 and 4-year-old a big rabbit wearing a vest and carrying a basket seemed pretty weird.

When David told them that the Easter bunny would be leaving them baskets of goodies, and they'd wake up to them on Easter morning, their reaction was, "He's not coming in the house, is he?"

David assured them that he'd meet the Easter bunny at the door and the bunny could hand over the baskets without coming in the house.

David called us on Skype this morning. The kids were excited about getting new dresses for Easter, and of course anticipating that Easter basket. Kids find out real quick about how cool it is to get presents on special occasions, but there wasn't any word on how they felt about the Easter bunny coming to call. They're a year older, and more into holidays, but I'm sure they'd still prefer the Easter bunny stay outside and just hand the baskets to their daddy without stepping into the house.

I don't remember a time when I believed in the Easter bunny. Maybe I had a similar experience to my granddaughters, and it was so horrific I've shut it out of memory.

But...have a happy Easter, everyone.

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