Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giving the paparazzi what they want, and other lewd acts

Seeing this picture of a young woman about to expose her breasts to a mob of eager males with cameras begs the question: haven't these guys ever seen boobs before? Well, of course they have. With the internet any male is about two mouse clicks away from a virtually unending supply of any female parts we like. But the chance to see more will always get a guy's attention. It's the way we're made, to have these responses to such stimuli.

This picture isn't pornography, but it begs another question I've had about female behavior. I've never asked any woman whether she's particularly offended by pornography or not. I suspect most are, at least if they were asked to participate in making it. I think most women, or at least the women I know, would not want to go in front of a camera and expose their parts to the world. So I’m always interested in what reasons someone would have for being contrary to the majority.

I had a little inkling into the mindset of women who participate in pornography when I read a quote by a '70s pre-internet pornstar (Annette Havens?) who said she liked to think of men watching her and masturbating. It jibed with the Nancy Friday book, The Secret Garden, which came out in 1973 and told of the hidden world of female fantasies. I remember some interview where Friday said many women shared a fantasy of men masturbating while looking at them. I wouldn't like to qualify exhibitionism as the sole reason some women cater to male fantasies, but it is probably at least one of them. Some people are turned on by flaunting what they have in front of other people. We could say the cameras the men are pointing at at the girl in the photo are helping to create her need to show off.

We could also call the cameras extensions of their penises, that once alone with the pictures they can do what they want in private.

What I'd ask any women reading this, is it part of a fantasy to have several dozen men jockeying for position to see your boobs?


A friend of mine told me a story that recently a famous, elderly Hollywood producer was in the hotel where he works. The producer had a back problem, collapsed a couple of times, and my friend helped him, at which time the producer said, “I’ve won so many awards…”

Before he had the troubles with his back he was sitting at a table with a young woman, and as my friend observed, “…the guy had his hand down the girl’s pants and seemed to be rubbing her vagina.”

This happened in California. For some reason we aren’t surprised by the actions of the Hollywood hotshots. Rubbing her vagina? No biggie. The lewd act that is, not the vagina (although that I wouldn’t know, would I?) My friend later got a tip for $10.00 from the producer. When I looked up his bona fides on the internet I saw that he produced some of the most famous movies and box office successes of the past 40 years. So, only ten bucks? That’s a lewd act of its own!


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