Sunday, June 05, 2011

More big boobs!

As if I needed to be reminded, sex sells! Titling a blog post "World's Biggest Boobs" has gotten me more hits for Insomnia Notebook than almost any of the over 700 other postings I've done. My previous record for hits was with "Tit Tat Toe" and "Tat for Tit". More sex.

So I'm titling this to ensure more hits from horny guys like you. It's pandering, I know, but who do you know who doesn't pander? We're in the golden age of pandering, all the media including and especially the internet are shoving boobs in everyone's faces. I'm no different.

Behold, a bevy of bounteous boobies!

Just for a change of pace, here's a guy with great big boobs.

Remember Seinfeld and the episode where Frank Costanza and Kramer invented a brassiere for men? Frank wanted to call it a mansierre, Kramer a bro. Whatever the name, some guys need it.

Tell me, ladies, just how would you feel if your man had bigger breasts than you?



Anonymous said...

Those huge implants look horrible, women who do that to themselves are crazy

Anonymous said...

wow... Huge Tits