Sunday, April 01, 2012

Do you like boobs a lot? or, I missed National Cleavage Day

How did I miss National Cleavage Day last Friday, March 30? Sure, it's a faux holiday and I didn't have to send a greeting card, candy or flowers, but I'd think the date would be circled in red on my calendar. I missed the Cleavage Day Parade and festivities and outdoor barbecue. I'll just have to make sure I'm there all the earlier next year.

In honor of the missed National Cleavage Day, I have found some cleavage pics, to keep all of my fellow boob fans busy for a while.

Celebs have cleavage . . .

Girls in costumes have cleavage . . .

Santa's helpers have cleavage, too . . .

. . . Asian girls have cleavage.

Porn stars have cleavage, like Gianna Michaels, in the middle . . .

. . . and Sarah Palin lookalike, "Sierra Paylin."

Your girlfriends have cleavage.

Some people make funny posters of cleavage:

And some people are just plain crazy about cleavage!

In January, 1964, Life magazine announced that cleavage was in . . .

But for the rest of us cleavage has always been in, and will always be in. We're the people who like boobs a lot!


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