Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is your lucky day

It's Friday today, Friday the 13th, no less. I've been going through in my files for something unusual to show you that won't require me to expend any more brainpower than necessary. I have the rest of the week to be brilliant—that's a joke, son—and need Friday to rest my tired mind.

Today the movie The Three Stooges is being released. It's been getting really bad reviews. The guys who made it, the Farrelly Brothers, have a string of hits like There's Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber. The appeal of their movies escapes me, but we always have the real Three Stooges to watch. Let's all drink to that.

I found a couple of photos which depend on the timing of the photographer.

The shadow knows! In the Biblical sense, that is.

I discussed my prostate issues a couple of days ago. This picture is a reminder that a digital rectal exam is part of the procedure. In a doctor's office, of course.

My friend Dave took this picture a few years ago at the Solano Street Fair, near his San Francisco Bay Area home. Obviously this is some hot babe, dressed like a showgirl. But why isn't anyone but a little girl looking at her (well, except for Dave, of course, who was taking her picture).

When all else fails, go to the mugshots. Yep, here are more booking photos to inflict on you show you.

If Carrot Top had a son and if that son got himself arrested in Ogden, Utah, this would be his booking photo.

At last! Someone has taken my suggestion and made it illegal to wear a mullet.

Two colorful characters.

The guy lives in a cave...the last of the Neanderthals?

I looked around the site to see if there was a face anywhere attached to this tattooed torso. But no. So either the guy is headless, or the most important thing about his booking photo is his skin art. Who knows, maybe the person taking the picture was into that sort of thing, if you catch my meaning.

Finally, from the Beatles Fan Club magazine, 1964, he yam what he yam!


DEMiller said...

Hey! What a fun post to read. I saw the picture of the dancing girl and thought to myself, "Hmmm, Nice shot" Then I read that I took it. Thanks for posting. It made my day.

Postino said...

You were the one who saw her "in the flesh." So the rest of us can only ogle the photo and envy you the opportunity.