Friday, October 19, 2012

“…it’s all about those sonsabitches with all the riches…”

The campaign for president of the United States is fast coming to a close. Not fast enough for me. The steady and relentless coverage of this campaign has apparently deadened the senses of the electorate. The polls have shifted in Mitt Romney’s favor for reasons unclear to me. It’s as if those remarks he made to a bunch of filthy rich contributors about the “47% who depend on government” didn’t register with the public, or if they did, have been forgiven. American voters have short attention spans, not to mention selective memories. They are also suckers for slick con men.

My fellow Americans, to me the 2012 presidential election boils down to one thing: the Republicans wish to keep a status quo that ensures that the richest Americans will keep all their wealth and pay less in taxes than the rest of us. We will continue to support their privileged lifestyles by taking cuts in our social safety nets, including Social Security and Medicare. But do voters, even voters in my Social Security and Medicare-receiving age group, care? Judging by a surge in the polls for Romney, I guess not.

I can’t be the lone voice crying out in the wilderness of this election. Surely many others my age — and those who will one day be my age — do not think it is okay for the gilded group to sit inside their mansions bought with money gained through unfair tax rates, while we hoi polloi, our entitlements taken from us, stand outside with hats in hand and faces pressed against the iron bars of the fences that separate us.

If there are those who feel the same as me, then why is there not a roar, a deafening, ear-splitting scream of outrage coming from the 99% of the citizens of our nation to hold the bastards upside down and shake them until their fair share falls out of their pockets? I’m afraid that if any million-billion-or-zillionaires are at this moment shaking in their shoes in fear of their favored tax status being extinguished if their pal Mitt doesn’t take the oath of office, then with his election they will suddenly relax and settle back into their leather armchairs, snapping their fingers at their servants to bring them a mai tai. Perhaps, in some extreme and condescending way, they will drink to the damned dumb lumpen masses who have given them a fresh chance to enjoy a life of luxury, free from care for at least another election cycle.

What we should be doing is attending Mitt Romney rallies with a fury, like villagers waving torches at the castle of Frankenstein. We should not be placidly standing by, then voting for a man whose whole life has been one of extreme privilege, and who has nothing to give the American people but another four years of Reaganomics. They didn’t work thirty years ago, and sure as hell won’t work now. It will just further divide the 1% from the 99%.

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