Friday, October 05, 2012

Walt Kelly's “Bloody Drip”

A couple of weeks ago I had a posting that showed an early article about the phenom of Mickey Spillane, and his hard-boiled crime fiction. You can see it here.

According to Life, Walt Kelly, creator of “Pogo,” was inspired by that same article to do a Spillane satire. His own hardboiled detective, Meat Hamburg, is played by Albert the Alligator in a strip for the book, Uncle Pogo’s So-So Stories, published in 1953 Here's “The Bloody Drip” by “Muckey Spleen.”

The Pogo comic strip, a phenomenon in its own right, was featured a year earlier, also in Life, in a feature drawn especially for that magazine.

With Pogo's personal popularity, a run for president was called for. Here are a 1952 campaign button and a later poster.

At Insomnia Notebook WE GO POGO!


DEMiller said...

Great post! Never saw this one. Gee, too many choices for President. Alfred E. Nueman, W.C. Fields, Pat Paulsen, Ben Davis and now Pogo!

Kirk said...

I seem to recall another Spillane--or Chandler or Hammitt--parody, in which detective Albert drinks from a cup that, unbeknownst to him, has a bug in it. The bug shouts out, "Lips that touch wine, won't touch ME!" The only allusion to alcohol I can remember in a Pogo strip.

Postino said...

Kirk, meet Dave Miller, ardent, longtime Pogo fan whose comment is above yours. Maybe he can identify the Pogo strip you saw.