Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ashley Judd has golden globes, Karl Rove has brass balls

Karl Rove’s Stupor-PAC, American Crossroads, released a peremptory strike on a candidate not yet declared. Rove hauled out all of his political guns to aim at a potential senate candidate for Kentucky who lives in Tennessee, and works in Hollywood.

We’re talking Ashley Judd, the third leg of the Judd family tripod, the non-singing one who makes a living as an actress. Rove paints her as a Hollywood liberal for Obama, which is ruffling the blue grass and sending shudders through the Republicans of Kentucky. Why else go on the offensive at this time, unless the Republicans are feeling their man is very vulnerable?

Right now Mitch McConnell is Senator from Kentucky. He is the owlish-looking man who would be almost anonymous were it not for his infamous words in the National Journal in 2010: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” (Needless to say, objective not attained.) McConnell also has the distinction of being the Nation’s least popular senator, as explained by blogger Justin Sink of thehill.com.

Mitch McConnell: He’s unpopular, not good looking, and needs bullies to fight his battles for him.

 Least popular.

By picking this fight Karl Rove could actually be looking out for himself, and maybe this is part of his comeback plan. It might be his way of deflecting the shitstorm of criticism after losing hundreds of millions of dollars for donors to his Super-PAC who didn’t get their money’s worth. Rove had a 1% success rate in the 2012 election, which is another way of saying he had a 99% failure rate. So, Operation Distract Attention goes into effect!

Most OPM (other peoples' money).

Judd would seem to be a good target and an easy mark. She’s (shudder, brrrr) Hollywood, she’s liberal, a Democrat, an Obama supporter. Hell, light those fiery crosses right now, Kentuckians!

Or, put away your Zippo lighters. Unlike the doughy Republican candidate, Ashley is pretty. She has what Mitch McConnell doesn’t have, and that’s good boobs. Maybe instead of telling their secretaries to lie and tell him they’re in a meeting when McConnell calls, senators from both sides of the aisle might want very much to talk with Ashley.

The Right Stuff!

Yes, I know it’s sexist to show Ashley’s breasts, exposed in some movie from years ago, but what the heck. I’m sure she’ll get just as many votes for showing them as she’ll lose from hardcore Republicans for being an Obama supporter.

And really, how much worse could she be, really? I mean, compared to seeing either McConnell or Rove with their shirts off?

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DEMiller said...

Thanks for the Juggs , er....Judd pictures. I would vote for her based on those alone. She is actually a very sharp and confident woman.