Thursday, February 14, 2013

More fun with your .22 rifle

Before the National Rifle Association got taken over by the politics of paranoia, it was an organization for  marksmanship, sports and target shooting and teaching safety with firearms. It put out this undated booklet sometime in the '50s or '60s. It is full of good sense for people who want to use a .22 rifle for something other than defending their household against criminals or phantom government officials who have come to take their guns.


Kirk said...

I see that it says American Visuals at the very bottom of the first page. That was the company founded by Will Eisner that produced comic books for government agencies, not-profits, and corporations. I wouldn't be surprised if Eisner himself did the artwork.

Postino said...

Kirk, I wondered if you'd notice that it was done by Eisner's company! You have a good eye. The only place I see Eisner's hand for sure is on the cover.

Publications like this are carefully planned, scrutinized and go through several stages before being published. I imagine that happened with this one, and I'm not sure how much Eisner had to do with it beyond overseeing the whole thing, maybe doing layouts, and farming it out to other artists to draw.