Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GOP: Putting lipstick on a shark

A couple of letters to the editor in my local newspaper today caught my eye. Interestingly, the second letter seems to answer the first.

Kathy, who wrote the first letter, seems to think that winning elections is secondary to keeping one’s core values. I agree with her. I figure the more Republicans like Kathy who hew to the party line and don’t try to change their party the better it will be for us Democrats.

On the other hand, Jackie, author of the second letter, believes that those GOP plans to change their party will fail because the people they are trying to reach have been “consistently demeaned, marginalized, demonized and attempted to shut out of voting.” Right on, Jackie! Your thinking is straight. Your letter makes it unnecessary for me to answer Kathy’s letter with one of my own.

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