Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Girls, you too can have a shapely bum like Jen Selter!

Yes, ladies, the “look” is callipygian. That word, which is Greek and means “shapely bottom,” is all the rage nowadays. Having a booty that makes you hurry to get through a door so it doesn’t hit your butt is back again. You can see it in the extraordinary tailgate of fitness model Jen Selter.

Our great-great-great-great grandmothers got what nature did not provide by wearing a bustle.

You need not go to that much trouble. No bustles are can go to Frederick’s of Hollywood online and buy a Four Pad Girdle Panty for $44.50 (left photo), or if you are more economy minded and don’t need so much padding, you can get the Contoured Foam Booty Panty for a mere $29.50 (right picture).

Recently in going through some storage boxes I came across a tearsheet from a 1973 issue of Esquire magazine. Frederick’s of Hollywood once offered this little backless number for only $10.00. I don’t see it in today’s online catalog from Frederick’s, and it is too bad, because it is a stunner.

You can find more lovely bubble-butts by clicking on this picture:

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