Sunday, July 20, 2014

Man arrested twice for having sex with dog, both times caught on camera

Melvin Parley Pace must have some real attraction for a dog. He has been caught twice having sex with the same animal, and both times he was caught on camera. The 65-year-old Pace was first caught having sex with the animal in December, and was released after a plea deal was reached. He was charged in the first instance with two counts each of bestiality, lewdness and criminal trespass, but got off with a year’s probation after pleading guilty to two counts of lewdness.

According to police, in the spring the dog’s owner opened the dog run again, and the camera was reactivated. Pace was again caught on camera having sex with the dog. This time the man faces five counts of lewdness with prior convictions, a third-degree felony, as well as five counts of bestiality and seven counts of criminal trespass. Is it fair to say that Melvin will be spending some time behind bars to consider his chosen attraction?

The dog is a kangal, a large Turkish breed. It looks like it could get to a size where it could handle itself while being violated, and would be capable of discouraging an attacker. One is left to wonder: was the sex consensual? It was in Melvin’s mind, anyway.

 A kangal and a man having a tender moment in a stock photo found on the Internet. The man is not the man charged with a sex crime.

I don’t understand such a perversion as human-animal sex. On the other hand, I saw a cable television program just the other day that featured a man masturbating a hog. I don’t know the program or the cable network, but it was one of those informational programs, a how-they-do-it type documentary I stopped on while channel flipping. They didn’t actually show the manipulation, but an isolated look at the hog showed him laying with a languid look on his pig-face while letting it happen. The host of the program was presented with a large bag of hog semen, which looked to be a pint or more. The owner of the animal proudly said the semen was worth about $45,000. I wonder if I would be willing to perform such an act on an animal for that kind of money? It makes me think. And what I think is I’m glad I’m not in the hog business, regardless of the financial reward.

So was what the hog farmer doing considered bestiality? When it is done for business it isn’t. The idea of it gave me the shudders, though, just like the story of a man raping a large dog.

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