Thursday, October 19, 2006

Drug Of Choice

I haven't laughed at a Dilbert strip in a long time, but I got a real big laugh out of this one.

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I'm an addicted coffeehead. Caffeine is my drug of choice.
A few years ago Dilbert's coworker Wally was cut back to 40 cups of coffee a day, which he screamed was "inhuman!"

I like all of the types of coffee, robusta, arabica, or blends of the two. I like milder breakfast blends, I like more robust blends like Starbucks, but I also like Folgers. I like coffee bitter, I like it smooth. I like it flavored, I like it unflavored, with cream and without, with sugar or just plain black. I like it in the morning, in the afternoon or evening. I like it on Sunday morning with my newspaper, or first thing on a weekday morning when I'm shaving, getting dressed, or with my morning Quaker Oats.

I like it grown in Hawaii, Colombia or Vietnam. If they can grow coffee beans, I'll probably drink it.

I'm prone to depression, but coffee can give me a lift, make me feel better. I drink a cup before taking my shower to get my eyes open. I start to drift about halfway through the morning, attention span starts to shorten, eyelids start to droop. A cup about 10:00 keeps me going for a couple of hours.

I will always appreciate Muslims for introducing coffee to us during the Crusades. At one point several centuries ago, despite its origins, the Pope put his imprimatur on coffee, saying, "Hey, this is good stuff!" as he tipped back a cup and got ready for another day of Poping.

The cup of coffee that lifted my scalp two inches was from Peet's on Solano Avenue in Albany, California, many years ago. I strongly recommend Peet's, which is now available in some grocery stores, but it's not for beginning coffee drinkers.

I may skimp on a lot of personal things, but I need the best kind of coffeemaker. I find the Cuisinart does a great job for me.

I didn't drink coffee until I was 25-years-old, and in those days I was an addicted smoker, too, so I had two habits going simultaneously. I gave up smoking when I was 29, but give up coffee? All I can say is, if there's an afterlife, there better be coffee.

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