Friday, October 13, 2006

Which Witch Bewitch?

Yesterday I showed you babies, today I show you babes. It's amazing what happens when you google "Halloween costumes." The things you see! Like these outstanding looking witch outfits. I don't miss the witches of my childhood, which were old crones with green faces. These witches can sure fly on my broomstick. We've come a long way since Margaret Hamilton mounted her broom and scared the crap out of Dorothy.
This is the year of the pirate. Johnny Depp, what hast thou wrought? Pirates were a scurvy lot, and now they're a curvy lot. Or at least these lovely pirate lasses are. They can buckle a swash! They can walk my plank, scuttle my scuppers, guzzle my grog, yank my yardarm, hoist my mainsail or even swab my poopdeck.

These are the finest little pirate gals since Captain Kidd was a kid.

I've got to admit I love a little pussycat. And Catgrrrl is quite the pretty kitty!

A girl like this could drive a guy batty in no time. When she necks she really sinks her teeth into a guy.

There seems to be no shortage of imagination when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes. But I probably don't need to tell you these aren't the costumed cuties who show up at my door looking for my candy.

Ciao for now, El Postino

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