Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hallo, Weenies!

Happy Halloween!
I took these covers of Weird Tales from the Internet to help us all get in the mood for Halloween. Click on the pictures for full-size images.Matt Fox was a unique and unusual artist, even for as unique and unusual a magazine as Weird Tales. These covers, done from the late 1940s to the early 1950s, show his really oddball semi-cartoony style. He was a painter, and a good one. He had a bizarre imagination, too. Either that or he drank, smoked or otherwise ingested something that gave him such hallucinatory ideas.
I tried googling Matt Fox, and came up with Matthew Fox, who is the star of TV's Lost. That Matt Fox is not this Matt Fox. I don't have any biographical details, but along the same time he did some comic book work that is just as screwy as these covers.
I think if the original art for these covers still exists, then it belongs in museums. I don't know what this could be classified as. Outsider art? Sure. Surrealistic? Well, it ain't realistic, that's for sure. Maybe the classification could be just Matt Fox, Weird Tales. A class of its own.Enjoy your Halloween, and save some of the treats for the kids.

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