Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Part-Time Polygamist Wife Wanted, episode 2

Tomorrow my wife flies to Boston to visit a cousin. That will leave me on my own for a week.

Moan, groan. That means fending for myself in the kitchen, a skill for which I'm not known. Cooking for myself is a hopeless endeavor. Not only do I not have the cooking gene, I can't stand to eat anything I've cooked. After all, I know the chef!

I'm still looking for a part-time polygamist wife to take care of me during times my wife is out of town or pet sitting at someone else's house. The first installment of my search is here.

At least I'm still getting candidates for second wife, although you have to help me narrow down my choices. First up is a young woman who said, "I'd bring some baggage (about 9 lbs 6 oz worth) to the marriage."I got this from a woman named Harlene. She said, "Hope you ride a motorcycle. Oh, and it takes me two cans of hairspray to get my hair to stay in place while riding. It gives me hard hair and I don't need a helmet."Clara Tin says she's not much for kissing, or for anything else for that matter. She has some serious allergies.
On the other hand, Nicki Tina says she "has some issues with needing oral gratification. This could be to your advantage, by the way." Sorry, Nicki, but no smoking in my house. Clara Tin isn't the only one with allergies.
Finally, a woman who signs herself only as Kitty, says, "I like a man in the house who's underfoot all the time." Gulp.As you can see, I'm still taking candidates for part-time polygamist second wife, so keep those pictures coming, gals.

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