Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Screams

My friend, David Miller, belongs to a group of record collectors who, once a year, issue CDs of Christmas music. Usually, from what I've heard of Dave's CDs, some of the most obscure, oddball and in some cases awful Christmas music ever put on record. A song on his 2007 compilation, "Christmas Balls" by Unknown, is pretty funny, with lines like, "Hang your balls on the Christmas tree."

Dave's choice in interesting and untraditional Christmas music is matched by his creativity at creating album artwork. Personally, I think Dave should go to work for a record label designing jackets, because his are better than 99% of what I see out there today. Here are some good ones from the past few years.


Once a year you can depend on some media outlet to publish pictures of kids screaming their lungs out while on Santa's lap. Why is this considered funny? I don't find kids screaming at all funny…except I admit these pictures are pretty good examples of why Santa Claus isn't always the object of kids' adoration.

Here's a picture of my son, David, taken when he was about three. He appears to be OK with Santa, even enjoying the visit. On the other hand, Santa seems to be glaring at the photographer, "Hurry up. I need a drink."

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