Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Event

The big storm sweeping through the nation this weekend hit us on Saturday. Weathermen have a new phrase they use for this sort of thing: They say "a major snow event," rather than "a big snowstorm." Makes it sound better, but the end result is the same. Here are a couple of pictures of the snow event from the front sidewalk of my suburban house. You tell me, is it an event or storm?Despite the storm, errrr, I mean event, we had some Christmas shopping to do, so Sally and I did some antiquing. She found some Christmas presents for relatives and friends, and I found a box of 1940s Christmas cards.Considering this is a state where winter storms are common, people still get anxious about snow. It's almost better that they don't know a big event/storm is coming. Our weathermen, right up until the storm started pounding us, told us it wouldn't affect us much, maybe fall in the form of rain. It fooled them, it fooled us. Had it been a regular work day I would've had a very miserable day. I've seen many days like this in my life, and I prefer that they come on weekends when I don't have to work, thankyouverymuch.

While at the antiques store, people kept peering out the windows, fretting about what was going on. As suddenly as it had come in, it ended. There was no more snow falling, the snowplows were clearing the streets and the fretful saw they were going to get home that night. The relief was clear. It was like they had been handed a reprieve from the governor.

In the store I was looking at a 1953 high school yearbook from a small rural school. It was owned by a girl named Myrna. It's inscribed inside by her friends, "Hope you have a nice summer," "You are a good friend," etc., etc., just like you'd expect from a yearbook. Then there's a page with the heading, "Reserved," and one single message: "Dear Myrna, why don't you go piss up a rope? Tex" There's always one guy like that in every class, isn't there?

Here's a picture of the corner of my yard, with bare trees covered in snow. It's pretty, but don't stand under those trees.

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