Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pictures Don't Lie

Pictures don't lie is the old saying, but of course it's not true. Pictures lie all the time. Look at the picture above. My granddaughter, Bella, has either grown a third hand, or her little sister, Gabby, is somewhere in the shadow, just out of sight. I'm glad, too, because I thought maybe my gag about the alien abduction in the last blog might really be true.

Do dinosaurs stomp through parking lots? Apparently they do, if you believe this picture.My friend Eddie claims to be invisible. Maybe this is Eddie at a birthday party when he was a kid. Is this kid turning invisible? He is if you look at this picture.
Finally, is Scarlett Johanssen perfect? Is her body absolute perfection, her lips and face a work of art? Well, considering the art of artifice, the foundation garments, makeup, hair styling, collagen treatments for her lips and even a little Photoshopping after the photographer finished his work…despite all that I'd have to say, yeah, she's perfect.

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