Friday, January 18, 2008

Hey, Canada! Take back your cold!

Man, it has been cold lately. It's about 12 degrees F. this morning. I guess you northerners, folks in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Canada, where the cold air is coming from, would be basking in warmth at 12 degrees. Next week it's going to get cold again, down around single digits. You'll all be dressed in t-shirts and shorts, no doubt.

Every year I hear the same thing…big trough of high pressure settled over my state, sending the jet stream into Canada, and the Canucks retaliate by sending their cold air down to us.

Well, knock it off. We aren't a bunch of Sergeant Prestons of the Yukon down here. We're all sissies who can't stand the low temperatures. I don't think my furnace has shut off for a week, and whatever blower you're using Up There to send your chill Down Here, shut it off, dammit.

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